About the project

PP mouthpieces started out as a school project for the Honours College HTSM master at the University of Groningen. I envisioned a personalized mouthpiece which could be tweaked to anyone's preference. Using Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) as material and a Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer, I researched the viability of 3D printed mouthpieces. PLA was chosen because of food safety (I principally use Innofil materials, whose datasheet you can review here). This proved a great success, with plastic mouthpieces sounding better than even I expected. After figuring out the optimal shape that printed well and sounded great, I realized the potential and how many people I could help find their ideal mouthpiece using this new technique.

About me

My name is Jan Bakker. I studied physics in Groningen. I've spent many hours playing various instruments, first the trumpet and in later years trombone (in orchestra and marching band), euphonium (in wind band and drum corps) and baritone (in brass band).